Stone Parish Council

Council Policies

The council has approved a number of policies to ensure good practice and promote transparency of council activities.


Policies Adopted by SPC


Policy Date




Complaints Procedure 13.02.08 22/02/08Cl
Child Protection Policy 13.02.08 23/02/08Cl
Health & Safety at Work 09.07.08
Redundancy Policy 15.10.08
Making & Enforcement of Byelaws 16.11.08 137/11/08Cl
Bullying & Harassment Policy 14.01.09 164/01/09Cl
Freedom of Information Act 2000 Public Scheme 14.01.09 165/01/09Cl
Gross Misconduct Policy 14.01.09
Working Alone Policy 14.01.09
Equal Opportunities 14.11.12
Capability Policy 25.01.12 18/01/12Cl
Bullying & Harassment Policy 25.01.12 18/01/12Cl
Sickness & Absence Policy 25.01.12 18/01/15Cl
Criminal Records Bureau Policy 25.01.12 18/01/15Cl
Annual Leave Policy 25.01.12 18/01/12Cl
Maternity/Paternity/Adoption Policy 25.01.12 18/01/12Cl
Time Off for Dependents Policy 25.01.12 18/01/12Cl
Compassionate Leave Policy 25.01.12 18/01/12Cl
Disciplinary Policy 25.01.12 18/01/12Cl
Grievance Policy 25.01.12 18/01/12Cl
Statement of Intent for Training & Development 12.09.12 106/09/12Cl
Members Code of Conduct in line with Localism Act 2011 14.11.12 137/11/12Cl
Open & Accountable Local Government Policy 10.09.14 20/09/14Cl
Signage Policy 11.03.15 61/01/15Cl
Memorial Policy 11.03.15 62/01/15Cl
Eligibility for Use of General Power of Competence 13.05.15 13/05/15Cl
Adoption of Standing Order & Financial Regulations 13.05.15 12/05/15Cl
Commercial Credit And Fuel Card Usage Policy 07.10.15 19/10/15FA
NALC Local Gov & Public Involvement In Health Act 2007

Risk Management Stategy