Stone Parish Council

Committee Structure

The parish council has a chair and vice-chair elected by council members at the Annual Meeting of the Council, usually in May. At the same meeting, members will also elect candidates to serve on various council committees and outside bodies.

Committees of the Council

The council currently delegates certain business to four committees: Finance & Audit; Recreation & Facilities; Personnel; Planning, Environment & Transport and Youth Services.

Each committee has formal Terms of Reference which outline the business it is authorised to consider. At the appointment of individual committees, and at each annual council meeting thereafter, the council resolves to bestow a certain amount of delegated authority to enable committees to make legal decisions without subsequent ratification by the full council. This reduces bureaucracy and streamlines the decision-making process.

However, there are certain items of business, such as approval of the annual return or a decision to spend from reserves, that must be formally approved by the whole council and which will be referred should such an occasion arise at committee.

Read Terms of Reference for committees:

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