Stone Parish Council

MP, County & Borough Members

Member of Parliament

Gareth Johnson MPThe Member of Parliament for the Dartford Borough is Gareth Johnson (Conservative)

You can write to Gareth at:House of Commons,London SW1A 0AA

Email him at:

Call on: House of Commons 020 7219 7047


Kent County Council Members

Stone Parish has three elected county councillors covering individual wards:

Penny Cole

Councillor Penny Cole – Dartford East (Covers the Ward of Stone)

Mobile: 07540 668751




Peter Harman

Peter Harman, – Swanscombe & Greenhithe (Covers Castle Ward)

Mobile: 07956 347419




Tom Maddison

Tom Maddison – Dartford North East (Covers Newtown Ward)

Phone: 01322 220785




Dartford Borough Council Members

Stone Parish has four elected Borough members, three covering Stone Ward and one covering Castle Ward:

Lucy Canham – Stone Ward


Mobile: 07905 494962





John Burrell
John Burrell – Stone Ward

Phone: 01322 370408

Mobile: 07766 577483




Jonathon Hawkes
Jonathon Hawkes – Stone Ward

Mobile: 07917 696820





Paul Cutler
Paul Cutler – Castle Ward


Mobile: 07741 404574