Stone Parish Council

Land at St Clements Way

St Clements Way is a dual carriageway stretching from the St Clements Way roundabout to the Bluewater roundabout. A section of land on the eastern site has a planning application pending for the development of 260 new homes comprising a mix of apartments and houses, together with the provision of associated public realm and landscaping, parking and infrastructure works.

It is hoped that the proposed development will provide opportunities for the following:

  • To create a high quality sustainable development that makes the most of the sites unique
    setting and landscape features.
  • For the retention of the existing wooded embankment between the application site and
    Waterstone Park.
  • To provide pedestrian connections to Waterstone Park, the existing public right of way to the
    south and to St. Clements Way and London Road frontages

It is the intention of the developer to retain the majority of the trees and planting on the embankment along
the west boundary with Waterstone Park and on the London Road frontage, but remove those within
the body of the site which will allow the rationalisation of the ground levels as part of the development
proposals. An extensive new tree planting and soft landscaping scheme is proposed within the
development and also within the new Linear Park created alongside the B255.

Full details of the Land at St Clements Way planning application can be viewed here…


A planning application for phase 2 at St Clements Lakes is now underway. Pending consideration could see the erection of 159 dwellings; 2x 1 bed, 7x 2 bed, 32x 3 bed and 10x 4 bed houses. 21x 1 bed, 82 x 2 bed, 3x 3 bed, 2x 4 bed flats with 130 sqm of flexible commercial space.

More details about the planning application for phase 2 can be found here.